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REDS provides complete response, environmental and decommissioning services across all fuel industry sectors.

Changes to Red Diesel Taxation

Changes to Red Diesel Taxation

Red Diesel taxation is changing. We have taken a look at what you need to know.

REDS Group Emergency Response


REDS Group provides emergency incident response, clean-up and ongoing environmental services.

Incident Response
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Annual Incident Response Membership

REDS membership will make certain that you are one step ahead and ready to call into action your bespoke tactical response plan, mitigating risk to you, your company, employees, the public and local environment in the event of an incident.

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REDS offers complete solutions for decontamination and sanitation of areas suspected of being infected by COVID-19 or for clients that require peace of mind.



REDS was founded as a leading provider of response, environmental and decommissioning services across the UK.


Everything which REDS have provided, not only the manpower but also the managerial work in the background, has been absolutely top class. I have the fortune to engage with many and various contractors, this is the first time REDS have worked in my area and frankly I have been impressed at every turn, opportunity and the proactive approach taken to expedite the clean-up and prevent further contamination of the ground.

Defence Sector FM – East

I Cameron

Running one of the busiest fishing ports in the country will always raise environmental issues or jobs that need that specialist oversight. I must state how impressed I was with REDS Group, from the inception of the job right through to completion. Value for money, great team and most importantly, peace of mind.

Harbour Master & CEO – South West

R Parson

I really wish to thank REDS Group and their team for their brilliant work in investigating and remediating the oil spill in Sheffield Park. I was very impressed with the professional communication and response to the incident. The reports were detailed, focused and logical which made them really easy to digest. REDS Group responded very promptly to any questions I had, whether via email or telephone. I have been really impressed with REDS Group.

Environment Agency Officer – South East