Case Studies

REDS Group Remediation Case Study

At a former industrial site, REDS Group was tasked with remedying residual hydrocarbon contamination before the existing lease expired and the area underwent future redevelopment.

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Spill response, environmental site assessment and remediation
Environmental consultant sampling surface water

REDS Group were commissioned to handle an emergency oil spill in an industrial unit. They discovered a leak in a hydraulic oil supply pipe, which caused oil to flow into a nearby drainage balance pond.

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Environmental Site Assessment & Remediation
Impacted Soil Following Spill

REDS Group were commissioned to complete environmental assessment works following an accidental diesel spill at an industrial facility.

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Tank Decommissioning – Newlyn Harbour
Newlyn Harbour – REDS Group

In July 2018, REDS Group were commissioned to clean, decommission and remove two redundant cylindrical fuel tanks which formed part of Newlyn Harbour wall.

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Lighthouse Refurbishment – Lundy Island
REDS Group Sectors

REDS Group recently secured the contract for the Lundy North Re-Engineering (Civil Phase) 2019

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Fuel Oil Spill Response – Sheffield Park
REDS Group Sheffield Park

Fuel Oil Spill at a Listed historic estate, park and grounds. Our client reported a 1500 litre Red Diesel fuel spill following a theft from a storage tank.

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Spill Response and Remediation
REDS Group Spill Response

Our client experienced a loss of red diesel during a delivery which contaminated 400 sq. ft. of concrete.

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Former Petrol-filling Station Decommissioning
REDS Group Winchester Motor

Our client recently purchased a former petrol-filling station to accommodate their growing business.

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