COVID-19 Decontamination – Building Site

REDS Group Limited were approached for advice about safe working practices and the potential requirement for decontamination following notification that a construction worker had gone into self-isolation due to a family member becoming ill.


The construction site was a sizeable new-build block of flats in a coastal location with significant numbers of workers using a modular-build shared office and welfare complex.  

The client was advised to vacate the site of all personnel and arrangements were made for REDS Group personnel to attend site the following day.


A team of four REDS Group employees including our Hazardous Materials Specialist, an Environmental Consultant, our Operations Manager and an Environmental Technician attended site to assess the requirements and establish a safe working area.

This included implementing HazMat Zoning procedures, restricting access to the contaminated area through a decontamination corridor. All equipment and personnel entering or exiting the site had to transit through the corridor and be decontaminated before entering the clean zone.


The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used for the entry (chemical suits, full-face masks and filters worn with safety boots and double gloves) surpasses the requirements by Public Health England (PHE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in order to safeguard our personnel.

The team proceeded to enter the site in a coordinated pattern and conducted decontamination in line with current protocols, involving the removal of loose waste followed by using a specialist HazMat vacuum system and then spraying, wiping and mopping all surfaces with coronavirus steriliser



All areas were then fogged using coronavirus steriliser followed by the subsequent sealing of the premises for six hours.

All waste removed from or created on site was transported and disposed of in accordance with the requirements for (Bio) Medical Waste.



Our Environmental Consultant was able to make specific recommendations regarding control of access to the site, social distancing and cleanliness policies on site and reporting procedures for staff members exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or having had contact with others undertaking self-isolation. In this way the site will be able to maintain operations under the current guidelines.

Having issued decontamination certification, REDS Group were able to release the construction site and office complex back to the developer allowing staff to return to site the following day.

Date Posted: 07/04/2020