Former Petrol-filling Station Decommissioning, Hampshire


Our client recently purchased a former petrol-filling station to accommodate their growing business. We were commissioned to undertake decommissioning works to prepare the site for development. Our decommissioning experts were tasked with removing the dispensers and remaining above-ground pipework, before removing the pump island bases and concreting the areas level. REDS’ specialist Tim Bown disconnecting fuel dispensers.

REDS Group Winchester Motor



Our specialist team arrived on site to set up and secure a safe working area, and accept delivery of the plant and skips for waste disposal. Boarding was removed from around the pumps before ensuring the electrics were isolated and locked-off in the former sales building.

All dispensers and lines were properly drained down and made gas-free, then disconnected before being dismantled for recycling. The above-ground pipework was removed and capped below ground level, and the pump island bases were broken out and stockpiled ready for disposal. Each pump area was made ready and concreted level to satisfy the customer’s requirements.


All waste was removed to suitable facilities and the plant and equipment off-hired, before leaving the site clean, tidy and ready for development.


Our client was very pleased with the response, attitude and strengths of the team, commenting that “staff were a pleasure to work with and very professional”. Our specialists completed the task without causing too much disruption and were commended for the safe and tidy manner in which they undertook the project.

Date Posted: 28/09/2017