Installation of a Fixed Fuel Polishing System

REDS Group’s Fuel & Power Management team were commissioned to carry out an installation of a fixed fuel polishing system at a power station in Scotland.


The job included the installation of a fixed fuel polishing unit, uni-strut framework, and pipework.

Preceding the installation, REDS Group conducted pre-work assessments and prepared a safety method statement. Following these assessments, their engineers successfully installed and integrated the fuel polishing unit near the existing generator fuel supply and return pipes.

After priming and testing, the unit was commissioned, handed over to the site, and accompanied by on-site training for routine maintenance.

Pre-work Assessments

Before installation, thorough assessments were conducted to evaluate project requirements.

Equipment selection was carefully done to match project specifications. REDS Group appointed skilled personnel for successful execution. Additionally, careful selection of personal protective equipment was made based on project hazards.

These preparations ensure a safe and efficient working environment for all technicians involved.

REDS Group Emergency Response

The fuel polishing unit has been installed at a position near to the existing generator fuel supply, return pipes, and electrical enclosures at the rear of the tank. The existing uni-strut frame has been adapted and new pipe supports fitted alongside existing equipment.

The new pipework being used for the feed and return lines is 28mm stainless-steel mapress pipe and fitting. The fuel polishing unit was installed onto a stainless-steel uni-strut frame that allows the unit to be off the ground.

All hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste were removed from the site safely and per current legislation.


The successful completion of the fixed fuel polisher installation was marked by commissioning and unit handover to the site, accompanied by on-site training for maintenance engineers and department heads.

Significant enhancements include the integration of a pressure relief circuit into the pipework within the tank access chamber. Considering the site’s characteristics and location, additional considerations include the potential installation of pipe lagging for exposed pipework and the inclusion of a tube heater within the fuel polishing unit.

Date Posted: 19/03/2024