Fuel Oil Spill Response – Sheffield Park

Fuel Oil Spill at a Listed historic estate, park and grounds. Our client reported a 1500 litre Red Diesel fuel spill following a theft from a storage tank.


Our client reported a 1500 litre Red Diesel fuel spill following a theft from a storage tank. The location was a compound used for servicing a historic estate and associated park and gardens. The fuel had entered an adjacent stream which fed into a private fishing lake and local river, all of which were designated habitats for protected species.

Specialist response, environmental project management and remediation was provided by REDS Group through emergency continuous risk assessments, containment works, options appraisal and remediation operations. All site works and updated environmental risk assessments were reported on a daily basis.

REDS Group Sheffield Park



REDS Group Regional Response Vehicle (RRV) and responder arrived onsite within 3 hours of the authorisation.

Additional authorised responders and environmental consultants arriving onsite within 24-hours.

Correct spill mitigation procedures had been implemented immediately upon discovery of the incident.

Fuel absorbents and barrier booms were placed in the path of migration to prevent further impact of fuel oil.

REDS Group Sheffield Park



Once containment was secure:

A detailed investigation from the source of the spill to the open waterways was undertaken.


This investigation included:

Chemical analysis of surface water and sediments

Visual inspection of the river network

Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds

REDS Group Sheffield Park



Removal of contaminated organic matter and sediment.

Uplift of free phase fuel.

Removal and replacement of saturated absorbents.

Continued testing and monitoring of impacted areas until results show agreed levels.




Visual monitoring to identify the migration of free-phase fuel and chemical analysis of the water quality to identify dissolved contaminants.

Reduction in contaminants was observed resulting in acceptable levels when compared to Environmental Quality Standards as agreed by the Environment Agency and the client.

Response (Days on site)
Assessment (Days on site)
Remediation (Days on site)
Verification (Days on site)
Project Result

Through REDS Group’s response and risk assessment a remediation strategy was implemented to protect environmental and human health receptors from the loss of 1500 litres of diesel into a water course. Risk to these receptors was reduced through limitation of the fuel’s migration and its removal through three complementary remediation techniques. This was proven to have reduced risk to sensitive receptors to acceptable levels through a verification strategy.

REDS Group’s rapid response to site, working with the estate and third-party stakeholders, mitigated the risk to the environment, local ecology and subsequent prosecution by government bodies.
Environment Agency

Date Posted: 26/03/2020