Spill Response and Remediation at a Fuel Distribution Depot


When our client experienced a loss of red diesel during a delivery which contaminated 400 sq. ft. of concrete and part-filled the tank’s bund, our spill response experts were called in to assess and remediate any environmental and human health risks, whilst minimising disruption onsite.

REDS Group Spill Response



Our specialists arrived onsite within five hours of receiving a call from our client and rapidly assessed the site conditions. Initial remediation was undertaken using absorbent granules and pads to remove free-phase fuel and limit migration.

Our team prepared a site sensitivity report which revealed a principle aquifer beneath the site; surface waters within 225m; and residential properties adjacent to the site boundary; together with a risk of loss or injury due to the reduced friction of the site surface.


Works onsite included a further application of absorbents to the contaminated concrete and a biodegradable surfactant was applied to the impacted surface. The concrete was jet washed and a vacuum tanker uplifted 5,700 litres of oil and water from the ground,-together with phase product from the bund, and oily water from the onsite drainage system and interceptor.


Using specialist equipment, we cleaned the contaminated concrete and bund and removed all identified risks, which we verified by monitoring the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inspecting the surrounding land and waterways to confirm there was no further contamination.

REDS Group Spill Response

Date Posted: 17/01/2018