Spot Blast and Tank Lining

REDS Group’s Specialist Surface Preparation team carried out a full blast and lining of an underground storage tank before refuelling with a different grade fuel.


The tank was blasted with medium-grade Iron Silicate to achieve the recommended surface profile of 70 microns (µm), before applying the lining product, Jotun Tankguard Storage, per the manufacturer’s application guidelines.

Temperature and humidity readings were taken on site daily.


The dewpoint, 8° lower than the surface temperature, remained within acceptable conditions for the task. Precision blast work, employing positive air pressure helmets and PPE, was carried out with rescue equipment. A 40µm holding coat was applied, with a stripe coat on welds to prevent oxidation. During the initial phase, a full coat was applied using Airless spray, maintaining safety standards and ensuring a wet film thickness of 250-275µm. The second coat, also 250-275µm thick, adhered to quality and manufacturer specifications, with a solids percentage meeting the manufacturer’s requirements at 63%.


The average theoretical dry film thickness was 340µm. The actual readings taken after a full cure averaged 362µm. These were taken central plate, 15mm from welds, and on welds at various random locations in the tank.

A full visual inspection showed no transparency, shrinkage, or inclusions in the coating.

Subject to any remedial pipework the lining is now fit for service.

Baker Barracks Replacement

Date Posted: 29/06/2020