The Academy of Gymnastics, Portishead (Bristol)

REDS Group were commissioned by The Academy of Gymnastics in Portishead to carry out a COVID-­19 decontamination of their gym in preparation for reopening.

On arrival at the site the REDS team were met by Liz Kincaid and the layout of the premises and methodology to be employed were discussed.

The REDS team established a decontamination corridor outside the entrance to the gym and donned their PPE, checking each other’s equipment before entering.

The Academy of Gymnastics, Portishead (Bristol)
The team followed an established methodology which involved removing loose waste, cleaning with a hazardous materials vacuum and then wiping and finally misting all surfaces with Dasic Aerokleen ACS which is designed to eradicate all coronaviruses and kill any new virus settling on cleaned surfaces for up to 24 hours.
REDS Group Gym Decontamination
The REDS team decontaminated each other before removing their PPE which was then treated as waste and double bagged with all other waste removed or created and placed into sealed drums for removal to a registered waste facility.

Finally, the decontamination corridor was closed down and the client was debriefed and issued with waste transportation notes and a decontamination certificate.

Date Posted: 24/06/2020