Gareth McCorkill

With over 15 years’ experience in the Oil Spill Response Industry operating in over 45 countries, Gareth has an unparalleled depth of expertise in the industry, having managed, co-ordinated or overseen numerous international major spill response projects.

About Gareth

Gareth’s technical knowledge of oil spill equipment, response methodologies and the necessary interconnecting equipment required to ‘make it work’ in all environments (Land, Shoreline, Off-shore) is extensive.

With added marine experience as a Navigational Officer in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary for 8 years, ex commercial fisherman and RYA power boat instructor and qualification in Shipboard Operations and Nautical Science, Gareth’s experience and knowledge in seamanship and understanding of the innerworkings of a vessel’s operation is comprehensive.

Strong inter-personal and managerial skills, accustomed to working with colleagues and clients in environments where pressure is the norm and diplomacy in dealing with difficult and sensitive situations is essential.

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