Andrew Murch – Employee Q&A

Andrew Murch, Operations and Projects Manager, has been with the company since its inception back in 2017. We catch up with him to find out more about his unique REDS journey.

How did you get into the Oil and Fuel Industry?

After spending 15 years in the automotive repair industry I followed a close friend into the sector, repairing/servicing vehicles operating within the business. Soon after that I had the opportunity to travel to the Ascension Islands to assist with some fuel tank works which led my career path to where I am today.

Andrew Murch – Q&A
REDS Group Facility Management Understanding
What does your job involve and how has it developed over the last 4 years?

My current role within REDS is mainly site based, I project manage the more unusual and challenging projects we undertake.

When REDS initially was formed I joined Lloyd at its inception, I remember sitting in a restaurant deciding what tasks should be prioritised, after a quick search on the internet we went and purchased our first response van. Racking, PPE, tools and staff soon followed. It’s hard to believe how far we have come in a short period of time, it has been a fantastic ride.

What was the first REDS project you were involved in?

My first major project and for REDS Group Ltd was site management of a decommission of a filling station for one of the major fuel companies, at certain times 95% of the company was on site doing their bit. The programme of works lasted for approx. 12 weeks over the coming months.

What do you enjoy most about working for REDS?

I have known the majority of the REDS employees for many years and in that time we have built close relationships both at work and socially. Even the MD Lloyd Burnard used to be one of my site ops in the early days.

Over the last 4 years we have tried to build a close knit company where everyone can feel comfortable in contacting anyone of the other employees and seek advice and guidance, even on weekend call outs many of the guys offer their services on the end of the phone.

REDS Group Lundy Island
What REDS project stands out as being the most rewarding?

This is a difficult question as I have enjoyed the challenge of most of the jobs I have undertaken. From a technical point of view it was an MOD site near Watford where the security and restricted access was very demanding but with the help of fantastic clients it made for a very enjoyable project.

From a long term project point of view it has to be working for Trinity House on Lundy North Lighthouse, the logistics and planning undertaken by me and my colleagues was very challenging but the end result was very emotionally rewarding, again our clients were fantastic and I made some lifelong friends along the way.

Most recently working at London Heliport piqued my curiosity with aeronautical engineering and celeb spotting. Many of the clients I have met in my time with REDS have become friends who keep in contact regularly.

What advice would you give to someone starting out within your profession?

Be honest, open, respectful and kind, communication is key to building longstanding relationships

Date Posted: 11/06/2021