Lucy Daffin

We spoke with Lucy Daffin, HR Manager at REDS Group, to find out more about her important role, what brings her fulfilment, and the reasons behind her genuine love for working at REDS. Lucy's warm and approachable demeanor, combined with her commitment to cultivating a positive workplace, has made her well-liked among everyone at REDS. Join us in getting to know her a bit better.

Can you share a bit about your journey and how you came to work at REDS?

I began my career in various legal fields but found my love for HR when I started a role as an HR advisor in my previous employment. I worked within an employment team that provided HR/employment advice to lots of different businesses. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the variety the role gave me and meeting different businesses, I had my heart set on working within a business internally to see how changes are being implemented and witness the effects of those changes.

I knew I wanted to grow with a company, and that’s what drew me to REDS Group. At the time of my joining, REDS was a 5-year-old company with huge growth prospects. I loved the idea of growing alongside the company, implementing change, and being involved in the entire HR function. I am excited to see REDS Group and its people continue to flourish!

What aspects of human resources do you find most fulfilling and challenging?

This is a difficult question because I genuinely find many aspects of my role fulfilling. First of all, I love helping people – I always have. Our people sit at the heart of what we do, so I am fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with each person within the company.

I also feel empowered when we can implement positive changes for the benefit of the company, keeping our people in mind. I thrive on the variety of my days, and being able to see processes through to the end is very rewarding. No day is ever the same, and it doesn’t come without its challenges, but I always welcome them as they come.

What projects or initiatives are you most proud of in your HR role?

I am proud of implementing more structured processes including a new Induction booklet, which is issued to all new starters. It has robust checklists to work through to ensure all new employees are fully inducted in all aspects of the business, and can really hit the ground running when they start.

We’ve also implemented a new HR and E-learning platform to improve efficiency within the HR function. There is still lots more to come – so watch this space!

Meet Skye, REDS’ very own ‘Employee Morale Ambassador’.

How does having a pet-friendly workplace contribute to the overall atmosphere and employee well-being?

Dogs have a fantastic way of lightening the mood in any situation and making people smile. It goes without saying that a significant percentage of people like dogs. For me, not only do dogs bring joy to my personal life, but they also bring a completely different dimension to my working life. I am incredibly lucky to be able to bring my dog, Skye, to the office with me. In fact, most people will greet Skye before me now!

I genuinely think dogs in the workplace can act as an icebreaker, encouraging more interaction among employees and enhancing teamwork. Dogs can lift the mood which, in turn, can increase morale in the workplace, boosting performance and employee engagement. If you’re looking to persuade your employer to let you bring your four-legged friend into the office, then I would 100% recommend it!

What role do you believe HR plays in employee development, and how do you support professional growth within the company?

I believe HR plays a vital role in employee development by providing support, resources, and guidance to employees for their professional growth. It is important for HR to identify training and development needs within the company, alongside the employees’ line managers. It is my job to create a supportive and conductive environment for employee development which will ultimately lead to a more skilled, engaged, and motivated workforce.

At REDS Group, we encourage a culture of continuous learning. We are always open to hearing our employees’ aspirations and will support them in any way that we can. HR will always support employees in setting performance goals, and work with their managers to create individual development plans. We are a rapidly growing business that cares for our people with the continued investment in their personal career development.

In what ways does HR contribute to the overall well-being and mental health of employees?

It goes without saying that employees perform best when their mental health is stabilised, and the work environment is supportive, so it is essential for HR to consider the mental well-being of all employees whilst framing ‘norms’ and organisational development.

HR is key to promoting mental well-being whilst understanding that all employees face their own stressors, challenges, and work-life balance issues. It is important to implement supporting policies and provide resources and support throughout each employee’s employment journey.  As I’ve mentioned before, all our employees are valuable assets, making a healthy workplace a necessity for us.

We operate an open-door policy at REDS Group and no problem is too big or too small. I am a complete advocate for prioritising mental health and will continue to foster a positive work culture.

Date Posted: 06/03/2024


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