REDS Group Sponsors Cornish Chef

REDS Group is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Jude Kereama as he took on the exhilarating Le Loop Cycling Challenge, all in support of the William Wates Memorial Trust.


Jude Kereama, owner and chef of the popular Cornish restaurants Kota and Kota Kai, took part in the Le Loop charity bike ride, which follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week prior. Jude followed the Grand Depart route, which began in Bilbao. He cycled up to 200km per day and tackled climbs up to 3000m. The race was a true challenge to Jude’s endurance.

Jude Kereama at Kota Kai
What is the Le Loop Challenge?

Le Loop took place before the official Tour de France, where participants rode along the exact route that the professionals would follow one week later. The journey spanned 21 stages and covered an impressive distance of 3,400 kilometers, finishing in Paris.

In Le Loop, riders could select from different “Loops” consisting of 2 to all 21 stages of the Tour de France. Regardless of the chosen Loop, participants had to raise a minimum amount for the William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT). The funds raised for WWMT are entirely separate from the event’s participation fees.


William Wates Memorial Trust

The William Wates Memorial Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to empowering disadvantaged young people by providing grants to charities that engage them through sports, arts, and education. Established in memory of William Wates, the Trust strives to create opportunities for vulnerable youth. For more information, please visit their website.


Jude training for the Le Loop in his REDS cycling gear

Jude Kereama training for the Le Loop in his REDS branded cycling shirt
Jude Kereama training for the Le Loop

It’s been a tough couple of years for charities and particularly for young people. This is my chance to give something back and help support young people who aren’t lucky enough to enjoy the advantages in life that most of us take for granted.

Jude Kereama
How to help

By supporting Jude Kereama’s participation in the Le Loop Cycling Challenge, REDS Group seeks to raise awareness and funds to further WWMT’s impactful mission.

Join us in supporting Jude on his Le Loop journey, his goal is to reach £3000. Any amount of donation will be graciously received, you can continue to donate until August 2023.

If you would like to help, you can donate via his fundraising page here. 

Date Posted: 05/07/2023


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