Speedy awards Contract to Reds

REDS Group has been awarded the contract for delivering nationwide Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and OFTEC inspections to Speedy.

REDS will provide a robust regime of 5-year non-destructive pressure tests on all mobile fuel IBC’s, and annual OFTEC Inspections on static fuel storage assets in more than 200 Speedy depots throughout the UK; ensuring all of Speedy’s fuel storage and IBC assets are well maintained and tested in accordance with current legislation.

REDS’ nationwide team of OFTEC qualified engineers will undertake a detailed OFTEC Inspection of each static fuel storage asset and all associated pipework to ensure all assets are compliant with current Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) regulations. Each IBC will be pressure tested with REDS’ unique 5-way manifold pressure testing system which will allow us to test up to 10 IBC’s each day and identify, if any, leaks and faults which could fail to adhere to current ADR regulations.

REDS Group stood out from all other parties involved in the tendering process due to the senior management and delivery team’s experience and knowledge of fuel storage assets and regulation compliance. REDS also presented an innovative system for delivering the contract using future-proof technologies and high-end specialist equipment whilst offering Speedy full coverage throughout the UK and Ireland.

REDS is also working closely with Speedy’s Environmental and Supply Chain teams to investigate how better to deliver such a multifaceted contract throughout the UK, whilst ensuring all tests and inspection reports are completed within 48-hours and stored on a central database and asset register, with both companies integrating through Cloud-based information systems.

Nigel Friend, REDS’ Associate Director – Projects, and Andrew Murch, REDS’ Operation and Projects Manager, will manage the contract and both offer over 50 years’ industry experience with strong reputations for delivering complex, high-value projects.

Both Nigel, Andrew and their delivery teams offer a high level of knowledge in fuel storage regulation compliance which provides Speedy with ease of mind that all assets will be tested, inspected and maintained to the highest of standards.

Commenting on the contract, REDS’ Managing Director, Lloyd Burnard said;

“We are delighted to be providing fuel asset inspection and testing services to Speedy. I am particularly proud of winning the contract one year after REDS was established, which I believe is testament to the depth of expertise and experience of our teams, and I look forward to continuing our close working relationship with Speedy.”

Speedy is committed to maintaining exceptional Environmental, Health & Safety standards and ensuring our assets are compliant with UK fuel storage and ADR regulations. We selected REDS Group to deliver these services based on their high level of expertise in oil industry compliancy. They bring with them a valuable service that fits well within Speedy’s operational network whilst supporting Speedy’s commitment to provide safe, reliable hire equipment to our customers. It is a pleasure to have them on board as our preferred supplier

Environmental Manager at Speedy,
Ian Hutchinson

To find out more about our IBC and OFTEC inspections please contact Nigel Friend or Andrew Murch, or call us on 0333 444 0004.

Date Posted: 14/07/2018


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