REDS team up with Speedy to Equip Response Capabilities

REDS Group is delighted to be working with Speedy, who has supplied our Regional Response Vehicles (RRV’s) with critical equipment for our response, environmental and decommissioning capabilities.

REDS team up with Speedy

Speedy has provided each vehicle with with an oil/water interface meter for borehole testing; together with generators, pressure washers and wet and dry vacuums to enable an immediate response on spillages.  We also have water pumps and fuel pumps to enable product transfers on-site.

In addition, Speedy has supplied critical safety equipment such as winches, tripods, gas detectors and fall-arrests to facilitate confined space manned-entry projects, which we undertake using self-contained breathing apparatus.

Our specialist decommissioning vans have been kitted out with hand-tools, drills, floor-saws and equipment for pipe installation, maintenance and decommissioning work; and along with all equipment provided, Speedy has supplied the appropriate PPE to enable our teams to complete all tasks safely.

Our RRV’s are fully equipped to undertake a multitude of jobs including emergency fuel uplift, fuel transfer, spill response and manned-entry projects, as well as works requiring repairs and modifications to fuel/oil storage tanks and associated equipment, and can be found at strategic locations across the UK, enabling us to provide an immediate nationwide response service.

For more information, please contact Andrew Murch at REDS Group or Andy Holden at Speedy.

Date Posted: 03/10/2017