Facility Management

REDS Group provides support services to Facility Management companies throughout the UK including fuel, HazMat storage, response and environmental services.

Specialist & High-risk

We undertake specialist and high-risk tasks working with and for multiple stakeholders on complex projects where communication is key; our teams are knowledgeable in permit and Approved Person procedures and providing continuous up-to-date communications on works being undertaken on their facilities.

REDS Group Facility Management High-risk
REDS Group Facility Management Service Range
Service Range

Our range of services offers the ability to provide FMs complete site compliance for HazMat and storage quality management. Our unique ability to provide these services throughout the UK and in house ensures projects run on time and to budget, and always exceed client expectations, but most importantly that storage facilities are compliant with current regulations, clean, serviced, certified and running within client specification.


REDS Group also understands that, when storing hazardous materials on site, there is always an element of environmental risk of an unplanned impact to site. REDS Group provides bespoke Tactical Response Plans (TRPs) to ensure that, in the event of an incident, the TRP can be activated to minimise the environmental impact to site and the cost to stakeholders.

REDS Group Facility Management Understanding
REDS Group also provides spill response and environmental consultancy services.

This includes on-site response training for on-site staff, environmental assessments and agreed response times to site with REDS fully equipped Regional Response Vehicles.