Providing training and support services to leisure, private and commercial ports and harbours throughout the South and South West of England.

Environmental Consultants

Our specialist Environmental Consultants undertake initial Environmental Site Risk Assessments detailing the sensitivities of our client’s immediate area balanced with the operational risk; from this, Tactical Response Plans (TRPs) will be built and equipment supplied for Tier 1 response preparedness and Tier 2 support.

REDS Group Marine Environmental Consultants
REDS Group Marine Equipment

Tier 2 equipment is mobilised from regional support bases and supported by Regional Response Vehicles (RRVs) and Marine Response Vehicles (MRVs), which are strategically positioned to ensure preparedness to REDS’ contracted clients, providing a bespoke response and environmental support for the individual port / harbour, with the correct equipment and certified MCA/IMO responders within a set response time and with the correct TRPs.


At REDS, protecting the environment and our clients’ interests are key to ensuring that the environments in which we work and play are covered not only by certified and experienced responders and engineers but are supported by the correct marine response equipment, experienced crisis management and the ability to manage multiple stakeholders’ interests, facilitating working with third parties that may be involved such as the Environment Agency, Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Ports and Harbours Authority, Local Councils and Emergency Services.

REDS Group Marine Protection



Our marine services are certified to provide Oil Spill Response Training Courses at the following levels: MCA 1/1P, MCA2/2P, MCA 3/3P, MCA 4/4P and MCA 5/5P and refresher training to our contracted ports and harbour clients.