REDS Group provides services to the UK network of utility providers such as water, energy and waste; such providers inherently own and operate high-risk service locations, which store a multitude of highly toxic and hazardous materials including gases, liquids, powders and solids.

Highly Experienced

Our highly experienced teams are fully trained and equipped to provide complete solutions to the utility sector’s unique storage facilities and the issues that may arise from operating such high-risk locations.

REDS Group Engineering Consultancies Experience
REDS Group Facility Management Understanding
Nationwide Teams

REDS nationwide teams provide professional storage tank maintenance, inspections and replacement services as well as HazMat emergency response and environmental services.


We also undertake expert HazMat, BA and confined-space services such as manned-entry cleaning and inspections, as well as certified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and pressure tests on tanks, pipework and ancillary equipment.

REDS Group Facility Management
Our 25-years’ experience in this sector ensures that our services are delivered safely, on time and always exceed client expectations, ensuring peace of mind that hazardous facilities are maintained and supported by REDS skilled and qualified teams.