REDS Group Response

REDS Group provides emergency spill response, clean-up and ongoing environmental services to organisations across all industry sectors including government, commercial, industrial, utilities, insurance and private estates. Our priority is delivering a rapid, effective service and enhancing our clients’ ability to mitigate any consequences of a loss to the environment and, in turn, subsequent regulatory prosecution.


Decommissioning HazMat storage assets is a high-risk activity where experience is key. REDS Group decommissioning teams have more than 30 years’ site and project management experience in decommissioning underground storage tanks, commercial and domestic aboveground storage tanks and large terminal storage tanks, whilst maintaining a continuous zero-loss-time incident record.

REDS Group Decommissioning
REDS Group Environmental

REDS Group expert Environmental Consultancy services specialises in due diligence assessments including local authority planning site assessments, environmental and flood risk assessments, intrusive ground investigations and remediation system design and implementation.