Complete Site Compliance (CSC)

REDS Group understands that in many of our established sectors, product quality, storage tank and site regulatory compliance is unique and bespoke to each site and client, and often a complete fuel, storage and pipework management solution is required.

REDS Group Complete Site Compliance

REDS Complete Site Compliance services include a range of expertise to ensure our client’s fuel facilities are in top condition. When our clients require tank maintenance, inspection, removal or new installations, this work is delivered in-house by our qualified Mechanical Engineers and compliance teams.


Complete Site Compliance includes the following range of services:
  • Fuel sampling and reporting
  • Fuel polishing and maintenance
  • Technical fuel advice
  • Fuel cleaning/polishing
  • Manned entry tank cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of tanks, pipework and bunds
  • Pressure and Hydrostatic testing of lines and tank
  • Pipework, leak detection, bund and gauge inspection and installation
  • Mobile/Fixed fuel polisher technical advice
  • Fixed fuel polisher installations
  • OFTEC tank inspections
  • Fuel, tank and pipework planned preventative maintenance (PPM Tasks)
  • Tank, pipework and ancillary equipment installations and decommissioning
  • Site specific risk assessments and installation design
  • Emergency spill response retained services including training

Retained services

Recently it has become widely recognised that a proactively maintained fuel storage facility is more cost-effective in the long run than one that is left to its own devices and maintained as a reaction to an unexpected problem. Our Complete Site Compliance services are available to key clients as a retained contracted service, and within that we can provide a service agreement to ensure full site compliance with the correct regulations and maintenance programmes. We can also advise on which site-specific maintenance programmes are required.


Our maintenance teams work for many essential services throughout the UK, ensuring that fuel storage facilities are maintained within current regulations and that planned preventative maintenance is carried out on time and to the highest standard in order to ensure continuing operations.


Our highly experienced Project Managers have a thorough commercial understanding of project finances, environmental impacts, and timeline priorities. Equally as important, we have institutionalised communication and reporting methodologies in order to provide you with the reassurance and clarity you need to manage any identified risks.

REDS Group Complete Site Compliance
New installation from inception

If you are looking to install a new fuel system on your site, REDS can provide you with a Complete Site Compliance assessment and service offering. We recommend the following REDS services be undertaken for any new facility:

  • Design of fuel facility and assessment of requirements, including testing and inspection of current fuel facility if present
  • Decommissioning of redundant fuel facility, if present
  • Environmental and regulatory assessment of site and ground highlighting any potential high-risk factors
  • Civil engineering for site preparation
  • Fuel tank, pipework and ancillary equipment installation and testing including mechanical and electrical
  • Fixed fuel polisher design and installation
  • Installation of spill prevention equipment and onsite personnel spill response training
  • DSEAR risk assessment
  • Splash load and fuel line tests
  • Site staff training on facility and commission of services
  • Issue of Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M Manual) for facility
  • Retained maintenance and inspection, fuel testing and PPM tasks, annual, monthly or as required
Our compliance teams have vast experience working with third parties such as generator installation companies to ensure fuel facilities are correctly connected to power generators and other UPS systems.

We are also happy to assist you in appointing such companies and undertaking Project Management of the complete installation.

REDS Group Complete Site Compliance
REDS Group Complete Site Compliance


When the time comes to remove or replace your tanks and pipework you can be assured that REDS Group have the necessary expertise and focus on delivery to complete the task safely and with minimal disruption to your business.


We undertake all aspects of related civil construction work including concrete hardstanding, containment drainage and interceptors, plinths for storage tanks and other heavy loads, and underground services for data & power cables, pumps and leak detection systems.

Further factors to consider:

  • Project and key account management
  • In-house teams and equipment
  • Security clearance to the highest level within Government defence sectors
  • Environmental Consultancy offering site assessments and reporting including DSEAR risk assessments
  • Reputable teams and services with proven completion of major projects, references available upon request
  • All-encompassing solution to the issues that are prevalent with storing modern day Bio/FAME fuels
  • Industry leaders and experts within our sectors