COVID-19 Decontamination Services

REDS Group offers complete nationwide decontamination and disinfection services for commercial premises or areas suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus
(the cause of COVID-19).

If you suspect your premises has been exposed to coronavirus, call our specialist team on 0333 444 0004 or email us at

If you suspect your premises has been exposed to coronavirus, call our specialist team on 0333 444 0004 or email us at

REDS Group offers complete nationwide decontamination and disinfection services for commercial premises or areas suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus (the cause of COVID-19). We help businesses to keep working and give you, your staff and your customers peace of mind by reducing the risk of virus infections.

We are experts in our field with years of unrivalled decontamination experience. Our highly trained teams can quickly and professionally decontaminate most commercial sites including construction sites, petrol stations, boats, planes, buses, trains, warehouses, large offices, cinemas and many more.


With our combination of environmental expertise and hazardous material management, REDS is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in cleansing and maintaining their workplace environments to the utmost Human and Environmental Health standards.


Our teams are very experienced in working within highly sensitive and secure sites, including critical power and utility facilities, and across all industry and public sectors. In addition, our teams have security clearance to work on the UK Defence Estates.

What if somebody in my place of work is taken ill?

The infection risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) following contamination of the environment decreases over time, but it is not yet clear at what point there is no risk. There is broad scientific agreement that the risk of infection depends upon many factors including:

  • The types of surfaces contaminated
  • The amount of virus shed from the individual
  • The time the individual spent in the setting
  • The time since the individual was last in the setting
Touch-Point Surface Cleaning

Our teams will safely remove and dispose of loose waste from the building before decontaminating the space, paying attention to all touch points across your premises. This includes everything from office equipment to machinery, fixtures and furniture. There’s nothing we leave untouched!

There are 3 forms of fogging:

Smoke Fogging
This uses heat to atomise the detergent solution which can damage the detergent.

Hazing Fogging
This uses compression to atomise the detergent solution which can damage the detergent.

Mist Fogging
This uses air speed to atomise the detergent and DOES NOT deteriorate the detergent to create the ‘fog’.

This technique involves a very fine chemical being sprayed / misted across an entire workplace, coating the surface and soft furnishings. The detergent kills on contact and we would suggest letting the detergent dry before re-entry. It is generally up to an hour before it is completely safe for employees to return to work.

Our Services

Our services are completely bespoke to each business and premises, so infection control plans are unique to you and your needs. Our expert team are ready and waiting to help you get your premises back to being clean and safe as soon as possible.

Our Teams

Our teams are fully equipped and trained to Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response standards (HAZWOPER), which promotes personnel decontamination to prevent secondary contamination.

Our Procedure

To provide specialist decontamination and sanitation services for contaminated areas in line with Public Health England (PHE) Guidelines Protocol.

Prep and Toolbox talks

  • Provide all H&S paperwork for decontamination services
  • Mobilise trained responders and equipment to site
  • Change into mandatory PPE
  • Carry out a visual inspection of the work area, complete H&S paperwork + Hazard ID form per task and receive or issue the PtW as required. – Change into task-specific PPE / RPE as required to complete the task
  • Establish Hot and Cold zones with a decontamination corridor transiting from one to the other


  • Check face seal by covering the filters and taking a breath in, twist, turn & nod head up and down to check seal. The mask should suction to your face. If not re-fit / tighten mask
  • Check all suits are fitted and covering skin and over the top of mask straps
  • Don inner gloves and put suit hem over the top
  • Don outer gloves over suit cuff
  • Trouser leg hem over boots
  • Use the Buddy-Buddy system to conduct final check

Cleaning procedure

  • Remove and bag mobile litter
  • Vacuum-clean all floors and fabric / soft surfaces using HazVac
  • Mist-spray and wipe all hard surfaces with Aerokleen ACS, dilution of 10:1 (10 parts water 1 part detergent)
  • Mist spray soft / absorbent surfaces with Aerokleen ACS, dilution of 10:1 (10 parts water 1 part detergent) and allow to air dry
  • Mist / fog spray all hard surfaces with Aerokleen ACS and allow to air dry
  • Double-bag all litter and hoover bags in Haz bags, expelling all air and securing the top with zip ties or tape
  • Place bags into 205-litre UN-approved clip-top drums
  • Move drums to sterile area or directly to waste transport vehicle

Decontamination of Personnel

  • Mist-spray personnel and waste drums with Aerokleen ACS, dilution of 10:1 (10 parts water 1 part detergent)
  • Remove outer gloves and set aside to dry
  • With inner gloves remove hood and unzip suit
  • Use the inner gloves to roll down the suit touching the inside of the suit only
  • Roll suit down and step out, turning the outside into the inside, and dispose into Haz Bag
  • Keeping the inner gloves on and mask in position, spray mask and wipe clean
  • Remove inner gloves, dispose in Haz bag and secure last haz bag, expelling all air and securing the top with zip ties or tape
  • Remove mask and set aside to dry
  • Wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser
  • Decontamination complete

Waste Transport Vehicle to Waste Receiver

  • Don gloves
  • Enter waste office and announce your arrival; you will be told where you will be received
  • Move to reception area
  • Spray top of barrel and lever clip with ACS or steriliser
  • Release lever clip
  • Remove lid
  • Spray with ACS or steriliser
  • Remove bags and place in yellow skip provided
  • Spray barrel with ACS or steriliser
  • Replace lid and lever clip
  • Load empty barrel into vehicle and secure
  • Remove gloves and put in skip provided
  • Sterilise hands
  • Receive weigh-in slip
  • Return to office for waste note
  • Complete

Waste and Completion

  • Return cleaned areas to service after 6-hour standing period post cleaning
  • Complete H&S paperwork and obtain signed POD
  • Complete waste-disposal paperwork
  • Disposal of all waste via licensed facilities with specialist vehicle
Reds sanitisation teams work within our clients’ requirements and timeframes; our teams understand a wide range and complex projects and are continuously supported by our highly skilled senior management team and in-house environmental consultancy team.

REDS Group Limited were approached for advice about safe working practices and the potential requirement for decontamination following notification that a construction worker had gone into self-isolation due to a family member becoming ill.

We offer 24/7 coronavirus (COVID-19)
specialist services including:

Decontamination of:

  • Buildings, offices and all workplaces
  • Critical and secure installations
  • Residential and social / public centres including restaurants
  • Vehicles, trains, boats, ferries and other vessels


  • Deep clean and sanitisation
  • Comprehensive completion reporting
  • Management of all hazardous and clinical waste including transport and disposal at licensed facilities
  • Business Continuity Planning, Tactical Response Plans (TRPs) and assurance reviews
  • COVID-19 knowledge and supply of specialist first responder PPE
Which Chemicals Do We Use?

We use Dasic Aerokleen Aircraft Cabin Sanitiser, which is approved by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and kills coronavirus immediately on contact.

Emergency Response

If you suspect a case of COVID-19 at your workplace we understand you need rapid response to disinfect the area to make it safe for employees to continue. That’s why we offer our clients 24/7 emergency response.


Call our team now.
Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Prevent Infections Spreading

As well as our emergency response service we also offer a prevention service, which involves regular cleaning of your business to prevent infection in the first place. This can be done as often as you like, and it also gives you priority response to our emergency team should an employee or customer become ill with COVID-19 whilst on the premises. This service gives our clients peace of mind and their business a clean bill of health to continue trading.


If you would like to discuss how to protect the health of your team, please call us on 0333 444 0004.

Why Choose REDS Group?

We are leaders in our field and go above and beyond to keep our clients working.

We have unrivalled knowledge on decontamination and disinfection with specially qualified teams.

We believe our people are our strongest asset, and we are proud to have in our employment one of the most experienced hazardous materials specialists in the industry, who has worked restlessly to ensure our procedures are stringent, robust and delivered to above the proscribed standard.

All REDS personnel use the required PPE for decontamination as a day-to-day requirement for tank cleaning and other oil- and gas-related tasks, and are comfortable and proficient in its use. Training has been given by our HazMat specialist to ensure all personnel are competent in donning and doffing this PPE, as well as to ensure that decontamination procedures are understood and that the site is zoned, which means that secondary contamination is negated and the decontamination of personnel is carried out without fault.

All of our response personnel currently hold a variety of technical and professional training certificates / qualifications, including forklift operator; first aid at work; hazard awareness and risk assessment training; HazMat decontamination training and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training (HAZWOPER Internationally recognised OSHA HazMat Training).

At time of writing, REDS Group have been involved in a number of decontaminations of coronavirus from various assets including:
  • A plane in MoD Boscombe Down
  • A bus in Bristol, used to transport the occupants of the plane decontaminated in Boscombe Down
  • HGV cabs and high touch points on the rigs, supporting office block and welfare unit in Southampton
  • A construction site with an office and welfare container complex
  • Petrol station convenience store and forecourt
We use EDRC-approved sanitiser for all surfaces and specialist HazMat vacuum technology with high efficiency to provide air filtering behind 3 microns.

Everything which REDS have provided, not only the manpower but also the managerial work in the background, has been absolutely top class. I have the fortune to engage with many and various contractors, this is the first time REDS have worked in my area and frankly I have been impressed at every turn, opportunity and the proactive approach taken to expedite the clean-up and prevent further contamination of the ground.

Defence Sector FM – East

I Cameron

Running one of the busiest fishing ports in the country will always raise environmental issues or jobs that need that specialist oversight. I must state how impressed I was with REDS Group, from the inception of the job right through to completion. Value for money, great team and most importantly, peace of mind.

Harbour Master & CEO – South West

R Parson

I really wish to thank REDS Group and their team for their brilliant work in investigating and remediating the oil spill in Sheffield Park. I was very impressed with the professional communication and response to the incident. The reports were detailed, focused and logical which made them really easy to digest. REDS Group responded very promptly to any questions I had, whether via email or telephone. I have been really impressed with REDS Group.

Environment Agency Officer – South East

REDS Group holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and Constructionline Gold certification including Acclaim Health & Safety Accreditation and we are an approved Environment Agency Hazardous Waste Carrier.