Decommissioning HazMat storage assets is a high-risk activity where experience is key. REDS Group decommissioning teams have more than 30 years’ site and project management experience in decommissioning underground storage tanks, commercial and domestic aboveground storage tanks and large terminal storage tanks, whilst maintaining a continuous zero-loss-time incident record.

Expert Teams

REDS teams are experienced in working with all government departments and major oil, blue-chip and development companies throughout the UK, with robust SHEQ procedures and highly skilled staff to deliver REDS’ complete service portfolio including manned-entry tank cleaning, gas freeing, excavations, ground works and contract lifts.


REDS understands that decommissioning storage assets is sometimes a small part of a larger project, but we always advise our clients not to risk cutting corners, to seek our advice and to always appoint REDS seasoned and proven professionals for high-risk tasks on sites that have the potential to threaten the integrity of the project and ultimately the client.

Decommissioning services include:
  • Storage tank empty, clean and decommissioning
  • Pipework and associated equipment decommissioning
  • Building, infrastructure, canopy and pump island demolition
  • Ground remediation, excavation and reinstatement
  • Remediation system design, installation and removal
  • Environmental services and risk assessments