Flood Defence

REDS Group offers flood response and prevention capabilities to protect our clients’ high-risk and sensitive sites such as HazMat storage sites, utilities, commercial, domestic and highways.

Risk Assessments

We offer initial flood site risk assessments, planning and mitigation planning, with recommendations and instalment of the correct response and prevention equipment to prepare and protect our clients’ assets in the event of an unexpected flood incident.

REDS Group Marine
REDS Group Response
Nationwide Response

Our nationwide response teams are able to deploy at short notice and have access to multiple pumping and containment systems, to better support our clients’ emergency requirements post-incident and with the capability of providing flood clean-up operations whilst managing clear lines of communication between all stakeholders, including governing bodies, insurance and loss adjusters as well as any subsequently impacted parties.

Response services include:
  • Flood and environmental site risk assessments
  • Emergency flood response
  • Pumping and containment systems
  • Flood clean-up
  • Flood defence, design and installation
  • Flood mitigation and planning
  • Civil engineering of permanent and semi-permanent flood defence systems