Fuel & Power Management

REDS Group understands that in many of our established sectors, product quality, storage tank and site regulatory compliance is unique and bespoke to each site and client, and often a complete fuel, storage and pipework management solution is required.

Accredited Professionals

Our Fuel and Power Management services include a range of expertise to ensure our client’s fuel facilities are in top condition. When our clients require tank maintenance, inspection, removal or new installations, this work is delivered in-house by our OFTEC qualified Mechanical Engineers and compliance teams.

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Fuel & Power Management
Personalised, bespoke strategies

Our Fuel and Power Management division provides our clients with the peace of mind that their fuel is within current ISO standards and working in conjunction with our Complete Site Compliance service offers a site-specific, personalised all-encompassing strategy.

Fuel & Power Management Services:
  • Complete Site Compliance (CSC)
  • Planned preventative maintenance (PPM Tasks) of tanks, fuel, and pipework
  • Fuel sampling and reporting
  • Fuel polishing and maintenance
  • Technical fuel advice
  • Fuel cleaning/polishing (filtration available to 1-micron)
  • Manned entry tank cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of tanks, pipework, and bunds


  • Pressure and Hydrostatic testing of lines and tank
  • Pipework, leak detection, bund and gauge inspection, and installation
  • Mobile/Fixed fuel polisher technical advice
  • Fixed fuel polisher installations
  • OFTEC tank inspections
  • Tank, pipework, and ancillary equipment installations and decommissioning
  • Site specific risk assessments and installation design
  • Emergency spill response retained services including training
Fuel Analysis
Mobile & Fixed
Fuel Polishers

REDS Group now offer mobile & fixed fuel polishing units. The fuel polisher’s high-performance filter cartridges allow for the removal of ultra-fine particles and debris, thereby immediately reducing the risk of contamination-induced damage to parts and machinery. By using our filtration systems filters, you can guarantee your fuel remains clean and dry and, in turn, ensure that the fuel remains in excellent condition.