Annual Incident Response Membership

Our qualified specialist response technicians have the expertise, experience and equipment to respond to spills of any size, from a small domestic product loss through to an industrial spill of large quantities or a major contamination release.

Incident Response Membership
REDS membership will make certain that you are one step ahead

Ready to call into action your bespoke tactical response plan, mitigating risk to you, your company, employees, the public and local environment in the event of an incident.

Bespoke REDS
membership includes:
  • Emergency incident response
  • No mobilisation fees
  • Environmental site surveys (for up to 10 mainland uk sites)
  • Bespoke tactical response plan (for up to 10 mainland uk sites)
  • Regular site and equipment inspections
  • Initial response training and equipment
  • Clear, concise risk and incident reporting
  • Third-party and stakeholder management
  • Discounted annual regulatory fuel installation inspections
  • Discounted rates on reds additional services
  • Personal introduction to all of reds’ senior management team with direct-line availability

Stay one step ahead
with REDS Group:
0333 444 0004