REDS Group provides emergency spill response, clean-up and ongoing environmental services to organisations across all industry sectors including government, commercial, industrial, utilities, insurance and private estates. Our priority is delivering a rapid, effective service and enhancing our clients’ ability to mitigate any consequences of a loss to the environment and, in turn, subsequent regulatory prosecution.

Incident Response Membership
Annual Incident
Response Membership

REDS membership will make certain that you are one step ahead and ready to call into action your bespoke tactical response plan, mitigating risk to you, your company, employees, the public and local environment in the event of an incident.

Response Professionals

With product losses ranging from fuels and chemicals to microplastics, our experienced response professionals are available to mobilise in fully equipped Regional Response Vehicles anywhere throughout the UK. Our qualified specialist response technicians have the expertise, experience and equipment to respond to spills of any size, from a small domestic product loss through an industrial spill of large quantities to a major HazMat release.

REDS Group Defence Our Team
REDS Group Insurance Our Specialists
Project Managers

Our project managers have a thorough commercial understanding of project finances, ensuring that project costs are carefully controlled and project developments are communicated to all parties throughout the clean-up process and any subsequent remediation phases.

Response services include:
  • Flood and spill response
  • Marine and watercourse response
  • Tactical Response Plans (TRPs)
  • Emergency project management
  • Emergency storage tank and pipework maintenance and inspection
  • Emergency product uplifts and transfers
  • Emergency forecourt UST uplifts and transfers
  • Flood defence and pumping
  • Spill equipment and remediation systems
  • Accredited response training to Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA) standards
REDS In-house Team
In-house team

Our in-house team of qualified environmental consultants undertake detailed spill and incident reporting, environmental risk assessments, intrusive ground investigations, remediation system development, installation and sampling, monitoring and conceptual modelling, ensuring REDS Group offers a full supportive range of services in the event of an unexpected loss of hazardous materials to the environment.

Our teams are experienced in assisting our clients in understanding the regulatory requirements of response and remediation phases, as well as mitigating any third-party claims or subsequent prosecutions from governing bodies such as the Environment Agency.



Along with our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations we are also accredited by the MCA  for our response and training services.