Engineers, Designers and Consultants

REDS Group provides specialist services to Civil Engineers, Architects, Designers and Consultants involved in Asset Strategy and Operations Management.

Our focus

Our focus is on delivering an effective solution whatever your clients’ needs, whether they are public sector or corporate enterprises; we never forget that our role is to support you in efficiently delivering a specialist part of your wider programme.

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Apply key principles

You will work closely with your clients and our aim is to mirror that relationship in order to apply our key principles of Expert Knowledge and Unparalleled Delivery. From an environmental study to a forecourt mothballing or a land decontamination project, REDS Group works with the biggest names in the sector.

  • Environmental Surveying (Phase 1 Desk Top Surveys and Phase 2 Intrusive Ground Investigations)
  • Sampling, Monitoring, and Conceptual Modelling including Human Health Assessments
  • Remediation Systems Design and Implementation
  • Hazardous Materials Storage Tank Decommissioning and Removal
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency Spill Response
  • Land and Water Decontamination
REDS Group Facility Management Understanding

Our Project Managers have a thorough commercial understanding of project finances, environmental impacts and timeline priorities. Just as importantly we have institutionalised communication and reporting methodologies in order to give you the reassurance and clarity you need to keep your client informed of progress and the management of any identified risks.


In addition to decommissioning and remediation works, REDS Group undertakes all aspects of civil construction work including concrete hardstanding, containment drainage and interceptors, plinths for storage tanks and other heavy loads, and underground services for data & power cables, pipework, pumps and leak detection systems.

REDS Group Insurance
REDS Group’s priority is to deliver a fast, effective service, enhancing our clients’ reputations within their relative governmental sphere.